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Tuesday, 25 July 2017


I started yesterday with a group of 10 Japanese high school students from Hiroshima. That got me to recall some Japanese here and there, and enabled me to sit in on some of their conversation.

It also fit in with some ongoing HP1 sentence collection. I only spent a few minutes doing that—the way that I’m grabbing the time to write this entry now—but it all helps to keep up the momentum.

I intend to reread Elizabeth Gilbert’s book again soon too. Its message—being able to create without yielding to fear—is an important one for me.

Monday, 24 July 2017


I picked up a Dutch magazine and spent half an hour reading 100 short paragraphs, sentences and snippets: Secrets women have from their husbands. And of course, I forgot that I was reading in another language.

That’s how it always ought to be. That’s how I ought to set it up, and will. Or rather—continue to do so. Have fun. Enjoy.

I’m enjoying Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic. It has lessons I’ll apply. I’ll do a book of my own along those lines: Any Language I Like. With luck, I can retool something that I’ve more or less written.

Sunday, 23 July 2017


I’ve been considering just who language acquisition would benefit the most.

Not English speakers. English speakers have no real economic incentive. English is what people wish to gain. And so as numbers go, and drive, we’re looking at places such as China, India, South East Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe. The Japanese, although they value education in general, are not as motivated.

And so really I should concentrate on an English acquisition booklet that could be easily translated. Only when they see just how easily others learn their tongue are English speakers likely to pick up another language too.

Saturday, 22 July 2017


I spoke with A at work recently about how it would be to simply use our creativity to simply teach—to just do and develop what works best. Instead, within an educational institution there’re so many requirements to meet and boxes to fill. We agreed that any great innovative leap was unlikely to a) happen, and b) survive. Even in Science, the eureka moment happens outside its sphere of influence. Only afterwards is it worked toward to join-the-dots.  

And that all may mean that my new approach to language acquisition will need to establish its roots in its own hothouse.